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Addon Features

  • Free DNS Services with registrations

What are Domains?

Domain names (e.g. are easier to remember then or 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 which is what computers only know for internet addresses.  Domain names make it easy and quickier for your visitors to find your site, your blog, your store, or forum then an IP address or a sub-domain (  They allow search engines to index your site so you can be found in search results.   Without a domain, you are just a number or sub-domain in a sea of names!   Get a domain today.  Be found, be named.

Domain Transfers

Domain transfers happen when you transfer a domain from one registrar to another. This usually renews the domain for an additional year after the transfer is successful. A transfer requires the domain to be unlocked and to have the EPP code retrieved from the current registrar. The EPP code is a password to the domain -- not all domains support/require this.

How do domains work?

Domains work with a system called DNS (Domain Name Server), which translates domains in to internet addresses (IPs such as or 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1).  This happens by your computer connecting to servers called nameservers and querying them for the domain.  The nameserver will return the IP address for your computer then to connect to and ask for the web page or email message.

Domains are registered with a registrar system that is maintained by ICANN and various other agencies around the world.  Registrations are yearly and domains can be registered for up to 10 years generally.*

Included DNS Service

Each domain registered with us include DNS services provided by our geographically separate DNSSEC supported nameservers.

Whois Protection

When you register a domain, that registration information is inputted in to a whois server. This whois server allows anyone on the internet to look up who registered the domain. This is mainly used to contact domain owners about abuse, copyright notices, etc.

If privacy is a concern for you, you can add on whois protection when you order the domain.  Whois protection works by replacing your information with generic information.  Whois is a information query of the domain that is usually required by ICANN to have valid information to return basic registration information such address of the registrant. Whois protection is allowed as long as the registrar has the true information.

Domain Search

Domain Name (website):
Please select the TLD (.com, .net, .etc) that you would like to check / transfer.
TLD Min. Years Register Transfer Renew Redemption***
.com 1 $13.99 USD $9.99 USD $13.99 USD $275 USD
.us 1 $13.99 USD $13.99 USD $13.99 USD
.net 1 $13.99 USD $13.99 USD $13.99 USD $275 USD
.org 1 $13.99 USD $13.99 USD $13.99 USD $275 USD
.biz 1 $13.99 USD $13.99 USD $13.99 USD
.info 1 $13.99 USD $13.99 USD $13.99 USD $275 USD
.co 1 $16.99 USD $35.00 USD $35.00 USD 2 $19.99 USD $19.99 USD $19.99 USD
.ca 1 $21.99 USD $21.99 USD $21.99 USD
.mobi 1 $25.00 USD $25.00 USD $25.00 USD
.cc 1 $34.00 USD $34.00 USD $34.00 USD 1 $61.00 USD $61.00 USD $61.00 USD 1 $13.99 USD $13.99 USD $13.99 USD
.de 1 $21.00 USD $21.00 USD $21.00 USD
.tv 1 $43.00 USD $43.00 USD $43.00 USD
.nl 1 $30.00 USD $30.00 USD $30.00 USD
.be 1 $42.00 USD $42.00 USD $42.00 USD
.me 1 $25.00 USD $27.00 USD $30.00 USD
.io 1 $75.00 USD $70.00 USD $85.00 USD
*** Redemption is when the domain expires and has been expired past the grace period (gTLDS of 30 days) for the domain. Any TLD that does not list a redemption fee may not have a redemption period. Please Contact Us if you would to confirm redemption fees.

* Each TLD (Top level domain) has their own rules, regulations and policies on domain registrations.   Some domains are required to be registered for 2 years at a time for example.

** Domain registrations, renewals, and successful domain transfers are non-refundable.