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Affecting Server - Hsphere-Linux
Date - 02/23/2017 19:00 - 02/23/2017 22:59 Priority - High
During the scheduled window, services for mail1 will be moved to newly deployed hardware node and running new version of the operating system.  This move is required to keep servcices updated and a in place upgrade is not possible.

Due to the volume of mail, mail files will be migrated eariy on the day of the window and then a resync afterwards.  Due to this, you may see mail that was deleted / moved during this period come back. 

Actual downtime is expected to be about 30 minutes or less, however, we have reserved an extended period in case of any issues. 

Further updates will be provided as work begins.

4:10 PM ET - Prep work, including the mentioned message file copying, is starting at this time.

7:40 PM ET - mail message file copying is still underway is taking longer than expected.  If the copying is not done by 10 PM ET, this work will be pushed to tomorrow night.

10:05 PM ET - message file copy is still going at this time .  It will likely not completel until late tonight and as such actual switching will not be done until tomorrow night.  No services are affected at this point.

7:25 PM ET 2/17/2017 - This work is being pushed until Saturday (tomorrow) due to other projects conflicting with the timing.

7:00 PM ET 2/18/2017 - The switch of servers is happening at this time.  Again, downtime is expected to be less than 30 minutes but could extend further if issues come up.
7:30 PM ET - unfortunately some issues have come up for this work and it is being worked on.  If not resolved soon, backpedaling will be done.
7:45 PM ET - due to issues in the final switch over, this work has been backpedaled to the previous server and services are up at this time.  We will schedule another attempt later this week.

2/22/2017 - Will be attempting the switch to the new server tomorrow night.  Issues during the last migration have been sorted and it should be a smooth switch though again extended window for the move is scheduled. 

Last Updated - 02/22/2017 18:19
Affecting Server - Hsphere-Linux
Date - 10/01/2016 13:00 - 10/01/2016 15:00 Priority - Critical

As previosuly announced, we will be removing PHP 5.2 from our shared linux servers and the default PHP version for the near future will be PHP 5.3 with that planned to be removed later this year or next as well. 

This should not affect most sites, however, if you are using a database and after the removal you receive a database connection error, please make sure to update the database user's password using the long hash option.   Please see for more information.

Update:  This has been pushed to 10/3/2016 in order to prevent issues over the weekend. 

10/3/2016 - 8 PM ET:  php 5.2 has been removed from web2-dal1 web server.  Auto checks for sites is in progrses at this time.  After that is done, web1-dal1 will be worked on.  To see which web server you are on, check the control panel -> FTP user / account -> web server. 
10/3/2016- 8:30 PM:  web2-dal1 Auto checks of sites returned a few sites with database connection errors and those were fixed.  The checks only checked for keywords on the base of the site and not the whole site.  Again, if you see database errors on your sites, blogs, etc please update the mysql's password hash. 

Moving on to web1-dal1 and will update here once done.

10/3/2016 9:35 PM ET - PHP 5.2 has been removed from all shared linux web servers at this point.  Default PHP version is now 5.3 for the near future.  Sites have had a rough auto check for usual database connection errors and those found have been fixed.  However, this does not include sub addresses such as /blog or scripts that do not provide an error.  Again, if you are seeing database connection errors, please update the mysql password hash as described in

If you have any questions or issues, please contact support --
This notice will be left open for at least a few days.

Last Updated - 10/03/2016 20:40