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Affecting Server - Hsphere-Linux
Date - 09/26/2014 20:00 - 09/27/2014 00:00 Priority - High

We will be doing a migration on ns3 as well as our site and support (ticket) system tomorrow night (9/26/2014).  This will result in ns3's IP being changed.  As such, resellers will need to update the IP for ns3 to the one that will be provided after the migration is done.  The old IP will work for a couple weeks.

During this time, we will also migrate our site and internal items.  This may cause support / client support systems to be offline for a short amount of time.

This work is currently progressing.

This work is complete.  Resellers please update IP at registrar for ns3 to .
Last Updated - 09/27/2014 00:18
Affecting Server - Hsphere-Linux
Date - 09/22/2014 22:00 - 10/22/2014 00:00 Priority - High

Over the next month, we will be migrating the following servers for our Linux customers to newly provisioned hardware:

web servers - web6 and web7-us mixed in among 2 new web servers
database servers - mysql3 mysql2-5
mail servers - mail1 and mail2
nameservers: ns1, ns2, ns3

We will also be moving Linux VPS servers and will be creating support tickets for each customer . 

Customers using third party DNS servers will be contacted to make sure their IPs are updated.

All work done will be handled by us and the migration should be seamless for the most part and there is nothing on your side to do. 

This migration starts other project offerings for us including a new anti-spam system to replace spamexperts as well as provide outgoing filtering to prevent spam from being sent from our servers and potentially causing them to be blacklisted.

Last Updated - 09/22/2014 19:30