Staff Knowledgebase

Organize your internal how to guides, policies, company information, and other non-public knowledgbebase type articles. 


The staff knowledgebase is separate from the WHMCS's built-in knowledgebase and staff access is required to prevent client's / public reading your internal articles. 


  • Categories -- place articles in containers

    • Sub Categories -- buckets within buckets!

  • Articles can be assigned to multiple categories

  • Assign an article to a "parent" article for easy reference to main articles of similar topics

    • Parent articles are shown within the article

  • Articles in HTML -- styled for easy reading!

  • Edit articles using WHMCS's built-in editor for a low weight design

  • No client side access

Requires: WHMCS 7.6 and above


Updates and Support


Licensed Annually, which will provide you with continued updates of the module and support of the module -- including quick bug fixes that you find. 


Other and Older Module

We used a module from another developer that provided the same features as this module. That module's named is similar to this one. The module had not been updated for WHMCS 7.6 at the time we were upgrading WHMCS and this module was developed as a replacement.  As a result, this module can read the other module's categories and articles, however, it does not use other features such as private articles or attached files at this time.

Have questions about the module?  Contact us.